About Me...

Birthday:              10/10
Age:                       21
Hair Colour:        Dark Brown (subject to change)
Eye Colour:          Hazel
Location:               Lancaster (LANK-ih-stir), PA
Columbia Borough Jr-Sr High School                                 2004
Graduated, Gen. Education
Ocean County Academy of Arts                                        2002-2003
Press Printing
Lancaster County Career and Technology Center             2004
Graduated, Website Programming and Design

While having no formal art training I've studied it for most of my life and have taken all available art courses while attending both high school and vocational School

How to Contact Rachel Carlini
Theres several ways to get in touch with me. Please keep in mind I have a full time job and maynot be able to reply right away.
E-Mail:   Drake@spindash.net or RachelMCarlini@Gmail.com
AIM:       GWARKDrake
PM:        aducknamedhope.deviantart.com or spindash.net
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